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Principio de funcionamiento de la bomba de refuerzo de aire.
12, 31, 2019
When the air booster pump works, it must first apply a small force to the pump. When the piston in the pump receives a force, a high pressure is generated. The booster pump can be continuously operated by the reversing valve at the air inlet. The movement of water is controlled by a high-pressure piston to continuously discharge water through a control valve. When the pressure balance between the main drive system and the liquid system is reached, the booster pump can stop working, otherwise the booster pump will continue to work. This is the working principle of the air booster pump.
In fact, this working method is very similar to a liquid supercharger. First, the pump is filled with liquid, and then the internal blades are rotated rapidly to drive the liquid in the pump. Due to the inertia, the liquid will flow to the edges of the blades. The fan blade continuously sucks liquid from the water inlet. In this process, the liquid on the fan blade continuously surrounds the blade. During the orbiting motion, water will generate a force to the fan blade, which in turn will return the liquid to the liquid. A pressure with the same strength and in different directions. This acting force does work on the water, so that the water can continuously obtain energy and flow into the pump body.
Most of the working methods of air booster pumps use the imbalance of pressure or the law of interaction forces to achieve the effect of repeated pump movements. Most of the gas-driven components are made of aluminum alloy, and the liquid-driven components are mostly stainless steel. Materials ensure the safety and longevity of the air pump in use.
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